There Is No Royal Road … February 9, 2021 – Posted in: Reflections – Tags: , , , ,

I LOVE this sentence. In just a few short words, there is so much meaning and depth of meaning, if you so choose to see it. I came across these words in a book first published in 1888 – Practical Occultism by J.J. Morse – 3rd edition, 1956. These few simple words speak volumes. While the context of the book is related to mediumship and spiritualism, it infers a number of things. One way to interpret it is that irrespective of your social or economic standing, personal morals, actions and choices, we will all end up in the next phase of life – the spirit world. When we arrive in the spirit world, we will continue to have experiences, lessons, spiritual growth, however it will be based on our physical life – thoughts, deeds, actions. Some food for thought, eh!?

When I read the book, I felt like it confirmed many personal inspirations, thoughts, ideas & experiences.  Nevertheless, in those few words there are many layers of interpretation and it can be applied to all aspects of life. We are all on a journey and, because we have individual thoughts, expressions and interpretations along with our individual personality, it means that we experience life in our own unique way.

My copy of JJ Morse’s book, Practical Occultism, it’s been well loved.

We operate within the physical & spiritual law, human nature & spiritual nature. We all have the opportunity to improve, change, learn and grow in whatever way we choose, within any limitations and boundaries, whether they are self-imposed or not.  The important thing to remember is, no matter how privileged someone else may seem in your perception, they are still bound by the same laws and limitations. It’s very easy to assume that someone with lots of fame and or money has it all. However, their difficulties are bound to be different.  Perception is a personal thing and it is your ‘reality’.  That does not mean it is an accurate representation, it’s just a perspective you have on someone or something.

Whatever path you have walked so far has brought you to where you are in terms of human nature and spiritual nature.  What you gain, or not, from each experience shapes you and your perceptions.  We are all works in progress, some will take shorter routes, some longer, windier or more or less colourful.  No path is better or worse.  They all lead to the next destination… the spirit world.

No matter our path in life, death is a great leveller that comes to us all. We all lose people we love and will miss them. We all come to our time to depart this world and step into the next. Bittersweet, for we will leave those we love in this world, and yet be reunited with those we love in the next world. How famous, poor, popular we were, or not, in this world has no relevance in the next world. For it will all come down to how we lived life, how we grew in our spiritual and human nature, because there is no royal road…

Because I love this phrase so much I made another one of my creative creations.

The only thing that is truly original in this world is you. Your relationship with this world and your inner world is what matters most. This formulates your human and spiritual natures. The more we take context from the outside world, then look within, we improve our perspective, our spiritual and human natures evolve. In doing this, we hope to reflect a better version of ourselves. By becoming a better version of ourselves we generate an energy which shines out. All our experiences shape us. How we process those experiences is unique, there is no royal road…

No one has all the answers in life, we should beware those who profess they do! Irrespective of materialism, fame, fortune and all the earthly temptations, it is our individual action, reaction, and perception. It is our journey, our experience, which will be as joyful, hard work, difficult and exhilarating as we perceive it to be. There is no royal road!