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Welcome to Penny Hayward

Mentor – Inspirer – Medium

I get a real buzz out of inspiring and mentoring others. It’s so exciting to see people open up to their potential. To become enthralled and excited with their self-discovery. Unfolding the layers of complexity each one of us has. To reveal their truth and inner beauty. Their authentic self. Allowing their Soul power and potential to shine out into this world. I now see part of my Soul’s calling in this world is, and if I look back, always has been, about empowering others.

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Confucius

My journey towards becoming a mentor and tutor was through my personal exploration. I wanted to understand who I was, how I fitted into this world and like a lot of people, I had big questions, what’s the point, where am I going, is there more to life than ‘this’? My conclusion became – there was more to life than ‘this’ and there was more to me than I thought or imagined. Which lead to the discovery that – I am a medium – inspirer – mentor.

Through developing my psychic and mediumistic abilities I discovered more about myself than I had through anything else. It expanded my mind and lead me into Spiritualism which started to answer some of those big questions I had. It wasn’t just the exploration of these psychic and mediumistic abilities I had and putting them to the test. It was compelling me to philosophise, research, to look within as well as outside of myself. For me, the exploration of mediumship and Spiritualism has more to offer than evidence of the continuation of life beyond our physical world and understanding. It lead to healing my Soul. It brought me Peace. It leads me beyond the limitations I put on myself.

Some facts; I was born in Australia and relocated to England in 1999. I am now based in County Durham, UK, after spending many years living in the south.

I was in my early 30s when I came to understand that I am a medium and psychic. Even after having a near-death experience at the age of 20, as well as other phenomenal experiences throughout my youth, which I always tended to brush off. Soon after I arrived in the UK, my spiritual journey really took off.

I joined the Spiritualists’ National Union as a member in 2010, and hold a Diploma (DSNU) in Mediumship and Teaching Mediumship & Spiritualism. I’m continually finding ways to continue my spiritual progression and development. My most recent achievement (2018) has been being approved as a tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK, which also includes teaching at the Barbanell Centre, Staffordshire, UK.  I’m working on new goals and expanding my spiritual progression and services.


“The SOUL is the compass that guides the spirit through life

The SPIRIT is the record keeper of the souls’ journey

The MIND is the magnet that tries to throw the compass off course.”

Penny Hayward

Upcoming Events

  • Depths of the Soul (AM & PM times)

    Evidence is an essential aspect of mediumship, so is conveying the depths of the soul of the communicator.  If we as mediums can touch the soul of the communicator, we in turn touch the soul of the r...

    August 6 - August 7
  • Practicing Private Sittings – AFC Online AM & PM

    AM – 10am – 1pm UK times – Click here to book PM 6pm – 9pm UK times...

    August 20
  • Vital Forces – AM & PM AFC Online Course

    AM 10-12noon UK times, click here to book PM 6-8pm UK times, click here to book https://ww...

    September 4



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